• Vadim Dymov's Presentation

    Moscow, May 19, 2009. - Vadim Dymov, Chairman of the Board of Directors of "Dymov" company participated as a guest speaker at SKOLKOVO Executive Education "How much does the prolongation cost? How to make the right decision in the shortest possible time" and shared the principles of rational analysis of the situation to make the right decision in the absence of the required amount of time.

  • Andrei Sharonov's Presentation

    Moscow, May 18, 2009. - Andrei Sharonov, Managing Director of Troika-Dialog Group spoke at SKOLKOVO Executive Education "Investment attractiveness of Russian companies" programme and voiced his opinion on the motivations of Western companies investing in Russia's companies.

  • Professor Donald Sexton

    Moscow, April 26, 2009 - Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO held the fourth module of the EMBA programme - "Marketing Management". Course was led by Professor Donald Sexton (Columbia University). Don received his PhD and M.B.A. from the University of Chicago, has been teaching for more than forty years at Columbia in the areas of marketing, international business, and operations management. His research concerns marketing return on investment and marketing and branding strategy. Professor Sexton regularly assists executives with their marketing, brand, and international planning efforts and has developed, managed, and presented customized training programs for numerous organizations.

  • Oleg Tinkov's Presentation

    Moscow, March 23, 2009. - Oleg Tinkov, Chairman of the Board of Directors of "Tinkoff Credit Systems" participated at a module "Marketing management" of SKOLKOVO Executive MBA programme, and spoke about his experience of development and implementation of unique marketing concepts based on knowledge and intuition.

  • Andrei Volkov, Dean of SKOLKOVO, tells about partnership between SKOLKOVO and the New Economic School

    Moscow, February 3, 2009. - Andrei Volkov: "NES is a young and innovative school and is close to SKOLKOVO in its vision and development pace. NES boasts vast experience in economic studies, while we are eager to share our expertise in management and business. The synergy that we expect as a result, will help achieve our ambitious goal – to develop a new generation of 21st century managers".

  • MIT Sloan Dean David C. Schmittlein tells about partnership with SKOLKOVO

    Moscow, February 3, 2009. – David C. Schmittlein: "The SKOLKOVO effort ties into MIT Sloan’s mission, which is to develop principled, innovative leaders who improve the world. Working with SKOLKOVO allows us to share and expand what we have learned about project-based learning and other approaches to management education. They will learn from us, and we will learn from them".

  • Sergei Guriev, Rector of the New Economic School, tells about partnership between SKOLKOVO and NES

    Moscow, February 3, 2009. - Sergei Guriev: "In the modern global economy education, especially in economics and business should also be global. The New Economic School which has always been a part of the international academic community is exited to partner with SKOLKOVO, which is conceived with the same ambitions and values of excellence, openness and integrity that we have always pursued. Thus we hold a strong interest in assisting SKOLKOVO to reach its full capacity as soon as possible. I am sure that our collaboration is good news for Russian economic and business education".

  • SKOLKOVO Dean Andrei Volkov tells about partnership with MIT SLOAN

    Moscow, February 3, 2009. – Andrei Volkov: "MIT was one of the few educational centers to work with our country in the field of science and technology during the cold war period. SKOLKOVO and MIT Sloan share a strong commitment to innovation and a focus on entrepreneurship. This partnership will help SKOLKOVO develop new kinds of programs using the latest solutions and teaching approaches".

  • SKOLKOVO Dean Wilfried Vanhonacker tells about partnership with MIT Sloan

    Moscow, February 3, 2009. – Wilfried Vanhonacker: "It is an honor to be considered a trusted partner by MIT, one of the premier academic institutions in the world. There is a natural fit in MIT Sloan’s expertise in project-based learning as well as its ability to stimulate entrepreneurship with SKOLKOVO’s ambition to groom entrepreneurial leaders for fast-moving economies. SKOLKOVO brings a creative flair and ambition to a trusted academic institution, and both of us look forward to a mutually valuable partnership in research and in education.".

  • SKOLKOVO Expands Its Network

    Moscow, February 3, 2009. – The Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO aims to create a unique intellectual atmosphere and provide its students with a broad range of global opportunities. Today Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO signs partnership agreements with two leading business schools: MIT Sloan School of Management (USA) and New Economic School (NES), Russia.

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