• SKOLKOVO Business School trained leaders in Jordan 's vocational education system

    Moscow, 12 November 2019 - At the end of October, more than 60 leaders in Jordan’s VET system completed the computer simulator-based training «Managing VET Institution».

    The simulator was developed by the Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO and translated into Arabic language specially for Jordan, followed by an adaption to its economic, demographic and social characteristics. It is planned that by the end of the year the training instrument will be transferred to the state level for independent use.

    The computer simulator «Managing VET institution» is a simulation system that fully demonstrate the work of the modern college. Assuming head roles, training participants, working in teams, analyze various characteristics, make management decisions and compete for leading positions in the market of educational services.

    By completion the computer training, participants will get a «helicopter view» of how a modern VET institution functions, get acquainted with the best world practices and business cases, and experience making decisions in a rapidly changing economic realities and labour markets.

    Today the computer simulator «Managing VET Institution» is available in 8 languages and has been used in 6 countries. The uniqueness and adaptability of the tool is confirmed by its use in numerous international educational courses of partners, such as International training center in Turin (ITCILO), the Brazilian SENAI, the Luxembourg LuxDev, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, UNIDO, Cinterfor (Latin America) and UNDP. By the end of the year, simulator-based training will take place in Vietnam and Morocco.

  • Sergei Guriev has presented his new "Transition for all: EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES IN AN UNEQUAL WORLD" report on the Campus of the Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO

    On November 11, Sergei Guriev, Chief Economist of EBRD, has visited Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO and presented the report based on "Transition for all: Equal Opportunities in an Unequal World study".

    Annually issued study, conducted by the EBRD and the World Bank in 34 countries, was dedicated to inequality and economic cohesion. During the report, Mr. Guriev touched upon questions of the distribution of income, the impact that the transition process has had on people’s well-being and happiness and financial inclusion. The meeting was held in the format of Speakers Night.

    Shlomo Weber, Dean of the New Economic School, moderated the event.

  • Designer Paul Smith Talks with SKOLKOVO Alumni about Career, Business, and Sources of Inspiration

    On November 17, 2016, the Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO received a guest—Sir Paul Smith, an outstanding entrepreneur and knighthood holder. Paul Smith, who opened his first store with an area of 9 square metres at the age of 24 and turned it into one of the world's most recognisable fashion enterprises, is now one of the most influential people of the United Kingdom. The meeting, held in a public talk format, was part of Smith's visit to Moscow, dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the designer's first branded store in GUM.

    During the open lecture, Paul Smith shared his views on the organisation of a fashion business, told the audience how he had founded and developed his brand and what he drew inspiration from, and gave practical advice to budding fashion designers making their first steps in the industry. The Editor-in-Chief of the GQ magazine Kim Belov acted as the moderator of the meeting.

    The video of the lecture is available in Russian and English.

  • Alexander Auzan and Ruben Vardanyan talk about Russia's future at the SKOLKOVO Business School

    Moscow, December 14, 2015. – On December 10, an open discussion between Alexander Auzan, Dean of the Faculty of Economics of the Lomonosov Moscow State University, and Ruben Vardanyan, Founding Partner of the Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO, businessman, philanthropist, and Head of the RVVZ Foundation, has been held at the SKOLKOVO Business School. The discussion was moderated by Svetlana Mironyuk, a media manager, philanthropist, and former Chief Editor of RIA Novosti. The topic of the talk was "Beyond the Horizon," and its participants' task was to determine the main assets of the Russian economy, consider the options of the country's economic development existing at the moment, the changes in technology, education, family and social relations we can expect in the near future, and the importance of having a long planning horizon.

    The video was provided by the SKOLKOVO Business School media partner, the online channel "Moscow 24" /

  • Wealth Knowledge Day Conference, 2015

    Moscow, December 9, 2015. – The second annual Wealth Knowledge Day conference which is becoming a traditional meeting place for the wealth management industry professionals was held on November. The event has brought together more than 250 participants: experts, clients, leading practitioners, and solution providers and was organized by SKOLKOVO Wealth Transformation Centre.

  • 'Conductor from the Forbes List', Aras Agalarov, Speaks at SKOLKOVO Business School

    Moscow, December 3, 2015. – Aras Agalarov, a Russian entrepreneur, the president of a major Russian development company Crocus Group, became a guest of the latest Speakers Nights meeting, which was held at the Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO on the last day of Autumn 2015.

    The video was provided by the SKOLKOVO Business School media partner, the online channel "Moscow 24" /

  • #COMETOGETHER: The Second Annual SKOLKOVO Alumni Convention

    Moscow, June 7, 2015. – All the alumni of the Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO gathered at the business school on April 24–25 for the second annual SKOLKOVO Alumni Convention. The Convention programme was scheduled for two days and included educational and entertainment activities, a graduation ceremony for four classes of educational programmes, and a gala evening. About 400 alumni, students, founding partners, and friends of the Business School were the guests of the event.

  • Speakers Nights with Mikhail Slobodin as a part of the SKOLKOVO Alumni Convention

    Moscow, May 7, 2015. – Mikhail Slobodin, the well-known Russian manager and CEO of OJSC VimpelCom, gave a lecture in the Speakers Nights format on How to Do a Full Reset for the participants of the SKOLKOVO Alumni Convention 2015.

    Slobodin spoke about his experience in building a corporate culture in a public Russian company and described how changes in client services affect the financial results of the company.

    The video was provided by the SKOLKOVO Business School media partner, the online channel "Moscow 24" /

  • The Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO marked the start of the new business season with a large-scale Business Festival 2014

    Moscow, November 18, 2014 – On September 26 The Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO marked the start of the new business season with a large-scale Business Festival 2014. The event gathered key figures of Russian and international business communities, thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and state officials. The festival was timed to celebrate the 8th anniversary of the school and designed to encourage an open dialogue about the future: development scenarios for the country's economy, today’s business challenges, and human capital development as the major source of internal growth.

  • Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO celebrate its 8th anniversary

    Moscow, September 26, 2014 – We are happy to celebrate the 8th anniversary of the Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO.

    Andrei Sharonov, Dean of the Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO: "SKOLKOVO business school has made a real breakthrough in these 8 years: the quantity and quality of educational programmes, the scope and relevance of the research agenda and the stable financial performance speak for themselves. The number of our degree programmes alumni has reached 622, more than 10 thousand attendees participated in our corporate programmes, the Business School attracts 150 world-class professors and we published more than 70 research papers on education, energy industry and economics. Campus is becoming one of the most attractive intellectual platforms for conferences and business meetings in the city."

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